The hatchery

The hatchery was the birth place of all dinos. Embryos were taken care of here, as well as young dinosaurs were raised in little pens located behind the main building (and the hatch pen located right of the compy pen). When the thunderstorm hit Site B in 1994, the hatchery was totally destroyed.

These are the last stats from June 16th 1994:

InGen laboratories n/h

Dinosaurs in genetic developement :

Carnotaurus Carnivore / Expected size: 7.5meters

Velociraptor U/r07?65 carnivore / Expected size: ? meters / Version 1.0

Dinosaurs in hatchement:

Apatosaur Herbivore / Expected size 25 meters / Current size 5.7 metres / Version 3.7

Diplotocus Herbivore / Expected size 31 meters / Current size 10.4 meters /Version 3.5

Pachycephalosaur Herbivore / Expected size 8 meters / Current size 1.9 meters / Version 4.1

Dinosaurs in hatchpen n/e:

Brachiosaur Herbivore / Expected size 23 meters / Current size 6.2 meters / Version 6.3

Triceratops Herbivore / Exdpected size 7 meters / Current size 2.4 meters / Version 8.0

Important Note: Stegosaur embryos from Nublar arriving tonight 11pm ! Lets hope they will

do fine with the 4 Trikes in the fence...

-Woo June 16th-