Gallimimus bullatus

(Latin gallus = "chicken" + Greek mimos = "mimic") Size: 5 meters (17 feet) Period: Late Cretaceous (75 million to 70 million years ago)

Place: Gobi Desert, Mongolia Similar in shape to the ostrich, the Gallimimus is Jurassic Park's fastest inhabitant, able to run as fast as 50 miles an hour, thanks to long legs and a relatively light body. It features a long bill and a shovel-like lower jaw.

Environment: Predominantly in the semi-arid region.

Feeding: The Gallimimus collects its meals - mostly small insects and worms - in an entertaining manner. Lacking in depth perception (the creature's eyes are fixed on either side of its head), the animal searches the ground for prey using its otherwise weak and useless arms. Upon discovering a potential meal, the Gallimimus proceeds to devour the entire area - including dirt and small rocks - with a ravenous appetite bordering on the comical.

Habits: Possessing decidedly less intelligence than most of its fellow dinosaurs, these creatures tend to live a very simple life. A typical day consists of combing the ground for prey (as described above) while avoiding predators with its tremendous speed.

Ops Notes: A mildly entertaining curiousity, the word around InGen is that the Gallimimus was chosen by Genetics as a practical joke. An extremely hyperactive and skittish creature, it's nearly impossible to approach one.