Compsognathus longipes

(Greek kompsos = "elegant" + Greek gnathos = "jaw")

Size: 1 meter (40 inches) Period: Late Jurassic (156 million to 145 million years ago) Place: Germany, France

The smallest dinosaur in Jurassic Park has proven to be a fierce predator, thanks to a long neck, powerfully-clawed fingers, and massive upper legbones, enabling it to reach surprisingly fast speeds. Feet are also clawed, used to grasp prey.

Environment: The Compy has seemed content to inhabit the plains and semi-arid areas, although some have been introduced into the marsh regions with varying degrees of success.

Feeding: Depends on the environment. Compys in the plains and semi-arid regions feast on a constantly-replenished supply of small lizards, while those who have remained in the marsh feed almost exclusively on insects, although they have reportedly made attempts at frogs and even a snake.

Habits: Comfortably solitary, the Compys will occasionally form loosely-knit herds when pursuing larger prey.

Ops Notes: Up to now, have demonstrated the least intelligence of any of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. There have been some reports of lost kittens in the Toluca Lake area. While there have been some whispered allegations concerning the Compys' complicity, no definitive link has been established.