Type: Theropoda / Walk: Bipedal / Lived : 76-68 Million years ago

Dimensions : 30'Long, 11'Tall Weight : 6,000 lbs.

Variety : Carnivore

OPS NOTE: Since the Albertosaur is the latest InGen developed Dinosaur, our knowledge about this species is almost zero. However, he has proved to be highly dangerous. Our first 2 individuals are 2 and 3 meters in size and seem to be skilled like a Raptor but agressive like a Trex. Woo has suggested to stop the hatching of this species, since we do not know a lot about them and putting them in a fence of Nublar could be too dangerous for the visitors (since we need that new fence system...). We decided to raise one of the young Albertosaurs and see how he developes.